The punching cradle is used for support while punching signatures. Hand crafted from Black Walnut.  A signature stop holds book signatures in place.

Working Dimensions: (L) 15.24″ x (H) 5.” x (W) 7″

Total Dimensions: (L) 15.5″ x (H) 5″ x (W) 7″


Available now through the RJAHM Store and Etsy Shop.








Miniature Bookbinder’s Punching Cradle now available through the RJAHM Store and my Etsy Shop.


Miniature Punching cradle, used to pierce signatures prior to sewing. This cradle is designed for miniature books 8″ long or less.

Working space: l: 8″ x h: 2″ x w: 2.75″

Total dimensions: l: 8.5″ x h: 3″ x w: 3.5″

Made from Black Walnut.





I am in the process of crafting a handful of Bookbinder’s Punching Cradles.  At the moment 3 are unspoken for and will be available through the RJAHM shop and Etsy within the week.

To reserve a cradle or request more information,  please contact me through the RJAHM website contact page.

Thank you.


Bench Hook


A new item available now through the RJAHM store.  Quartersewn Oak and Walnut.  A groove in the top keeps pencils or carving tools close at hand while working.  The height of the stop is set so that it will not interfere with carving tools when working on linoleum blocks.  Beautiful and useful.







Nipping Press










I am pleased to announce the launch of my new website, randyarnoldhandmade.com.  Please stop by for a visit and say hello.

New College Lectern


2011 marks the 40th anniversary of the University of Alabama’s New College program. In honor of the occasion I crafted this lectern.




To view images of the lectern in progress, please visit my blog In Praise of Shadows.



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